Shipping policy

Product delivery will be made anywhere in Moldova, via a courier company. Delivery territory mun. Chisinau is carried out by trader couriers. Trader reserves the right to confirm orders by contacting customer prior to honor them. Product delivery will be made exclusively through a courier company, the charges being laid. The customer will be contacted by telephone by our company's representatives to determine the coordinates dispatch.

Reception of products is your confirmation that the goods have arrived in good condition. The invoice is attached to the contract of sale / purchase between you and under the laws in force. Trader reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of ordered products, if this can not be honored for various reasons, independent of this, as well as fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, governmental actions, wars, acts of terrorism protests, riots, civil unrest or other impediments force majeure under the law.

In case of failure to deliver products or improper delivery, the maximum amount of damages that can be paid customer is the amount received from the client.

- For delivery in mun. Chisinau rate is 35 lei

- For delivery in the country (courier firm): the price is 75 lei / kg for first then add 10 lei / each extra kg.

- For delivery abroad, delivery fee will be in accordance with tariffs of Post Office.

Orders in excess of 1,000 lei the delivery are free if the address provided that it be in mun. Chişinău. Delivery fees will be displayed when the product will be ordered, choosing delivery method and the country. Delivery in Chisinau municipality shall be made within 24 hours, delivery in other regions of the country within 72 hours. Delivery outside of Republic of Moldova can last from 2-30 days.

Buyers will be notified by email the day the package will be sent to client order. If they do not want the product after being delivered, the buyer has 14 days to return it, all related costs (product value) following to be returned to the purchaser for max.30 days, and what keeps spending delivery and roundtrip remain to be paid by the buyer.

Liability for any deterioration caused product, package sent by us lies delivery company as required by law. Products will be replaced by, if it proves guilt by courier and we will be informed in due time.