Wine History



Posted by Vasile

Wine history begins 8000 years ago, when the vines were brought from Asia Minor, in the Mediterranean zone. In 2000 BC. Wine was already known in the art of Egypt, island Crete and the territory of Israel and Palestine our days, as evidenced by the numerous stones inscriptions and Egyptian papyrus. Many personages from Greek mythology are related to wine . In Greece, Dionysus was the god of wine, in Rome - Bahus, called Libero, Egypt - His.Monk Dom Perignon in France was led by idea-improving drink through the mixture. This trick gave such a variety of wine taste and aroma.The tendency to keep this new taste in the wine, a little gassed, he again resorted to stopper: blending it with bowl glass modenizat. Over more than a thousand years stoppers were wrapped in some wood chips CILT and softened in olive oil to ensure maximum ermeticitate. Using glass vessels with stoppers, a few years later has revolutionized the whole field of wine storage. Those wines were different than the other existing at that time. Their description is very rarely encountered, but we know that Bordeaux wines were a pink but not red, as Volnay most elegant red wines, modern Burgundy, pink was almost to the end of century XVIII, as every year in Champagne absolutely nobody knew about what color will be wine. But in Champagne was did the next step in wine history.As in many other cold zone climates, the wines of Champagne were the natural tendency to "play"pronounced.

This particularity is the result of the action of temperature, which slows the process of transforming the natural sugar of grape in alcohol. While the remaining quantity of sugar continue to slowly ferment, producing carbon dioxide. Around the same time was founded an old secret - the miraculous properties Vo1gu118 mold fungus. Winemakers from Tocae(Hungary) negligently delayed the harvest and were compelled to make wine from grapes withered. Obtained a formidable wine with new taste,miraculous elixir, which recently was honored to Louis XIV.On the time with Europeans spread worldwide, are spreading their wine. Mid-century. XVI Spaniards began to cultivate grape-vines in Mexico and later in Peru, Chile and Argentina.In African grape-vine occurred in mid-century XVIII.

California and Australia were planted with vines in the late at XVIII century ,and in New Zealand a few decades later. In the mid XIX century, followed the most famous disaster in the history of winemaking. In 1863 not far from the southern plantations of the valley Ronea appeared a root lice (Filoxera) SPS 11 ohegaua 81 aph. American made in Europe for selection. The problem was solved simply by the European plant was grafted on American root,winemakers have found that they obtained all the best of both plants. Today's best wines are made from selected plants in this way.