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Viticulture in Moldova Vasile 2018-10-30 11:50:46

Main areas of growing-vine The general public knows little about the differences characteristic of different parts of Moldovian winemaking. Meanwhile, experts differ on Moldovan territory no less than four arealuri: Codri area (Central), South-Eastern, Southern and Northern. Moldovian wine-space division into zones was proposed in the complex study of teacher Mrs. Ivanova in 1954.

Excursie Milestii Mici Vasile 2018-10-30 12:08:58

EXCURSIE MILESTII MICI REZERVAREA SE FACE DIN TIMP LA NUMARUL DE TELEFON  tel/fax (+373 022) 808 705; Mob. (+373) 69055724 ; e-mail-welcome@wine.md Pentru a vizita galeriile subterane "Milestii Mici", este necesar de a face o rezervare din timp, la telefon sau e-mail.

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