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Moldovan Oenoteques Vasile 2018-10-30 12:00:52

Oenoteque-A wine collection, a depository for bottled wines

Varieties of grape-vines cultivated in Moldova Vasile 2018-10-30 11:49:39

Moldovans ancestors growing the high-quality local varieties - Ochiul Boului, Tata Caprei, Pasareasca, Feteasca, Rara Neagra, Tamaioasa, Zghiharda, Plavai etc. Traditional repertoire was enriched by the variety coming from the Greeks, Romans, and later – from the Turks, Austrians and French.End of ХIХ century in France, Italy and America have been made, tested and implemented new varieties, then - and hybrids. Moldova currently are over a hundred varieties of grape-vine (Vitis vinifera L. Vitis labrusca).

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